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Diabetes Mellitus

Nisakathakadi Kashayam is a decoction prepared from some herbs that acts on urinary system. It also has antidiabetic and antihyperglycemic properties. It lowers blood glucose level and improves insulin function by reducing insulin resistance. In addition, it is also helpful for preventing diabetic complications including diabetic nephropathy, neuropathy and gastroparesis. It is also an effective solution for excessive micturition that occurs due diabetes mellitus. Moreover, Nisakathakadi Kashayam serves antioxidant and anti-inflammatory actions.


The general dosage of Nisakathakadi Kashayam Liquid is as follows.
Children 2.5 to 10 ml *
Adults 5 to 15 ml *
Maximum Possible Dosage 30 ml Per Day (in divided doses)
* Twice a day with 4 times boiled and cooled water
Best Time to Take: Before Food

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